National Move

Taxi-Meubles offers a removal service all over Switzerland.
Our different formulas allows a choice of services to fit all budgets.

Our removal options



We move your furniture and if necessary provide you with boxes so you can pack and move your personal belongings



We deliver packing material and move your furniture and boxes.



In addition to the standard service we pack and unpack all of your belongings

Our administrative staff will spend time with you and plan your move in detail.

Our teams in the field will ensure that your move takes place in smoothly and that you are left with only good memories.

White Gloves

In addition to the VIP move, we do the cleaning for the inventory of your old home and clean your new home once the move is over. In summary, we take care of everything! We pack, unpack, clean and arrange your furniture just the way you want.

Relax and let us do the work ! Leave your home and move into your new home without lifting a finger.